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Lead Shot Bushings 7/8 oz. #6

Lead Shot Bushings 7/8 oz. #6
The RCBS Lead Shot Bushings are a necessity for shotshell reloaders with a RCBS Grand or Mini Grand press. There is a bushing size to fit every need. The bushings are easy to replace and are interchangeable with Hornady bushings.


For use with the RCBS Grand and Mini Grand progressive shotshell reloading press.
Calibrated for a specific measure of lead #6 shot. If a smaller shot size is used the weight of the shot charge will be slightly greater; if larger shot is used the weight will be slightly lesser. The user must measure the shot charge when using shot sizes other than #6 and compensate accordingly.
Will interchange with Hornady shot bushings.
Part # 10-891701
Price : $7.98
Lead Shot Bushings