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Case Cleaning Media

Case Cleaning Media
RCBS offers several types of media for cleaning cases. They offer two forms of dry media. The walnut media is excellent for general cleaning, where as the corn cob media works best if you plan to “moly-coat.” The Sidewinder liquid cleaner is a concentrate. This liquid works well for removing stains and cleaning badly stained cases.

Sidewinder Liquid Cleaner (Sidewinder Case Tumbler only) gets the dirtiest cases spotless in minutes. It’s concentrated too. An 8 oz. bottle makes about 4 gallons of cleaner.

Our dry media can be used in both Sidewinder and Vibratory Case Cleaners. Formula 1 Walnut Shell is ground to a 12/12 sieve size (5 lbs).. Formula 2 is Corn Cob. (5 lbs).

Polish comes individually packed so you can choose various amounts of media to mix (5 pack).

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