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Standard Bullet Puller - body

Standard Bullet Puller - body
Bullet puller 7/8"-14 body without collet, threaded body for use in Single stage and Turret style presses. Uses caliber specific collets (not included) to clamp onto the bullet to remove from case.
This tool offers an alternative way to pull bullets from cases. It works on any length or shape bullet without damaging it, although soft lead bullets can be distorted. The interchangeable collets work like a draw collar on a lathe. They tightly lock on the bullet as the case pulls away. Each collet is carefully machined internally for precise bullet diameter. This unit will fit all standard loading presses. The puller comes without collets*.

NOTE: Not designed to be used with rimfire cartridges.
Part # 10-9440
Weight 0.75 lbs
Price : $26.98