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Neck Dies - 2 die set / Price Group 3

Neck Dies - 2 die set / Price Group 3
Neck Die Sets - 2 die set
Neck Sizer Dies size only the neck of case (not the shoulder or body) just enough to snugly hold the bullet. Neck Die Sets consist of a Neck Sizer Die with Expander-Decapping Unit and a regular Seater Die with Seater Plug. Neck Sizer Dies are also available individually. Available in most Group A & D cartridges.

See Reference Section for Group A & D Neck Die Sets [PDF] (see HDS Catalog page 76-78)

22 K Hornet*
22 Remington Jet*
22 Savage High-Power*
5.6x50 R*
257 Roberts Imp.*
6.5x47 Lapua
6.5x54 MS*
6.5x68 S*
7x65 R*
7mm Remington BR*
7.5x54 French MAS*
30 Remington*
30 Mauser (7.63mm)
30-338 Winchester Mag*
308 Norma Mag*
300 H&H Mag*
32-40 Winchester*
376 Steyr*
8x68S Mag*
338-06 / .338 A-Square*
350 Remington Mag*
9.3x74 R*
378 Weatherby Mag*
Remington Mag*
416 Rigby*
460 Weatherby Mag*

NOTE: RCBS makes Neck Sizers in all calibers. If you did not find the caliber you are looking for in the list, please call us for a price quote. 530-534-1210
(*) May not be available from stock, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Part # 10-26202
Weight 1.30 lbs
Price : $96.98
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