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AmmoMaster-2 Press | RCBS

AmmoMaster-2 Press | RCBS
The AmmoMaster-2 single stage press has been improved with the installation of the longer support columns and larger toggle block than found on the original AmmoMaster-1 .50 BMG press (#88701). Operating window clearance is 6".

While still set up to use standard 7/8-14 thread dies and standard shell holders to load most any pistol or rifle caliber the main top-frame threaded diameter is 1-1/2-12. This single stage press offers you all the clearance, strength and leverage that you need to load, form cases, and bullet swage, etc. Inclused RCBS Ram Priming Unit (#9165)

The AmmoMaster-2 press can also accommodate the RCBS Safari Series Dies which use a 1"-14 threaded die body. These dies require the use of a 1-1/2-12 to 1"-14 RCBS Press Adapter Bushing sold separately.

With the addition of the .50 BMG 1-1/2 Die Kit (#88705) this press will allow you to load the .50 BMG.

NOTE: If you plan on using 1x14 threaded dies with the AmmoMaster-2, a special press adapter bushing 1-1/2-12 to 1x14 is available in the industry. Call or write for more information on the bushing. (530) 534-1210 buy@huntingtons.com
Part # 10-88703
Weight 22.40 lbs
Price : $366.96