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Headed Decapping Pin 5-pack

Headed Decapping Pin 5-pack
A reloader never knows when a part might break. Be prepared for anything with high quality factory replacement parts that will have your RCBS Reloading Dies sizing and depriming running like the day they were taken out of their packaging.


RCBS Reloader Special Dies
RCBS Cowboy Dies
All RCBS "Precision" Dies with the following exceptions: 6mm PPC, 7mm TCU, 35 Whelen, 357 Sig, 358 Winchester/356 Winchester, 416 Remington Magnum

Notes for reloaders looking for fit of other RCBS decapping pins:

"Regular" decapping pins for older RCBS dies are available
.22 through .25 caliber use small pins, product# 321-323
6.5mm through .45 use large pins, product#798-273
The best way to determine which decapping pins are needed is to remove the broken pin from the die and examine it to see if it is a headed or straight pin
Part # 10-901640
Price : $3.98