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Tube PBF .380/9MM/.38/.357 (90-158 Grams)

Tube PBF .380/9MM/.38/.357 (90-158 Grams)
RCBS is known for making high-quality reloading equipment. The pistol bullet feeder is no exception. Each kit comes with a caliber specific die and two bullet feeding tube. These dies are standard 7/8"-14 threaded dies and will fit any standard reloading press; these dies are designed to speed up the reloading process on a turret or progressive reloading press. Each clear pistol bullet feeder tube holds between 20-25 bullets depending on the bullet weight and profile. The pistol bullet feeder places the bullet into the case of the mouth with the proper alignment so the bullet can be seated at the next station. One of the great aspects of the tube pistol bullet feeder is that it is versatile. The feeder will work with any type of bullet including: jacketed, plated, solid copper and cast or swaged lead bullets. Reloaders using a tube pistol bullet feeder have seen increased reloading rates of up to 50-percent. With this feeder reloaders can spend less time at the bench and more time pulling the trigger.

Notes: Designed to work on a turret or progressive reloading press setup.
Accessories Included: 2 - Bullet feed tubes
Part # 10-82356
Price : $38.98
Tube PFF