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577 Snider | Jamison

577 Snider | Jamison
Jamison brass cartridge cases for rare and obsolete rifles.

577 Snider (20 per pack)
* Not all these cases may be in stock. Call (530) 534-1210 or 1-866-735-6237 for availability.

Rim Thickness 0.0500"
Rim Diameter 0.7500"
Wall Thickness 0.0145"
Case Length 2.0000"
All specifications represent maximum dimensions.

The 577 Snider was a British black powder cartridge, which fired a .577" 480 grain lead projectile, which was primarily used in the Snider-Enfield rifle. Early 577 Snider cartridges were made from paper, with a metallic base and primer, but later commercial cartridges were made from drawn brass. The 577 Snider cartridge was eventually replaced in service by the 577-450 Martini-Henry cartridge in the 1870s. The 577 Snider cartridge is considered obsolete, with commercial production having ceased in the 1930s. The case appears to be straight, but has a slight taper and shoulder to it. The 577 Snider has ample power for hunting but only at close range.
Part # 78-J5575
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