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Trim Die 50 BMG

Trim Die 50 BMG
Large Caliber - Trim Die 50 BMG (1-1/2"-12)
Trim Die is case hardened to prevent damage to the die when filing cases to length.

This trim die is a sure way of checking and adjusting case length. You lube the case and insert it into the die. Trim off anything that protrudes from the top of the die either by filing the case down flush with the top of the die, or cutting the excess off with a hacksaw and filing the case down. Donít worry about ruining the top of the die, it is heat treated and can withstand a fileís surface. After trimming the case you deburr it with a Deburring Tool and full length resize the case and load.
A suggestion: The ideal file to use is a mill bastard. The best hacksaw blade to use is one that has 32 teeth per inch.
Part # 10-30065
Weight 2.20 lbs
Price : $190.98