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500-416 NE | Jamison

500-416 NE | Jamison
Jamison brass cartridge cases for rare and obsolete rifles.

500-416 NE* (20 per pack)
* Not all these cases may be in stock. Call (530) 534-1210 or 1-866-735-6237 for availability.

Rim Thickness 0.0370"
Rim Diameter 0.6500"
Wall Thickness 0.0140"
Case Length 3.2500"
All specifications represent maximum dimensions.

The 500-.416 Nitro Express is meant to be used in big bore double rifles, which can be extracted reliably and consistently for quick reloading under the most critical hunting situations. It is a 3-1/4" long .500 caliber case with a 416 bullet. The 500-416 Nitro Express ballistics are equal to that of the .416 Remington Mag and the 416 Rigby. The 500-416 Nitro Express is based on the 3.25" 500 Black Powder Express necked down to accept a .416" diameter bullet. It is still considered a wildcat to this day yet double barrel rifles are often being chambered for the .500-416 NE. Ballistics are similar to the .416 Rigby. The .500-416 NE is more than suitable for African dangerous game.
Part # 78-J516
Weight 0.80 lbs
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