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376 Steyr | Hornady

376 Steyr | Hornady
Hornady brass cartridge rifle cases for the discriminating handloader wanting high reloadability. Cases are the same quality brass as used in Hornady ammunition. Unprimed brass only - this is not ammunition.

376 Steyr (Avalilable in 50 per pack, unless noted).

The .376 Steyr cartridge is a rifle cartridge jointly developed by Hornady and Steyr for use in the Steyr Scout rifle.
Introduced in 1999, it is based on the 9.3x64 Brenneke case, necked up to accept a .375 inch (9.5 mm) diameter bullet. The case is also shortened by about 4mm to fit a standard length rifle action.
It was developed as an evolution of Jeff Cooper's "Super Scout" medium rifle concept, which was in turn an extension of his original scout rifle concept.
An additional motivation for development of the cartridge was that authorities in certain areas of the world dictate a minimum caliber of round which may be used in hunting dangerous game such as cape buffalo and lion. In general, the minimum is either .366 or .375 caliber, so to make the cartridge accepted in almost all African countries, this cartridge uses a 375 caliber bore.
Part # 16-8690
Weight 1.10 lbs
Price : $59.98
9.3x64 | RWS
9.3x64 | RWS