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9mm (.355") 115gr TMJ RN | Speer

9mm (.355") 115gr TMJ RN | Speer
Speer offers a bullet for any shooting sport with several handgun plinking options available. USE: Target / Plinker

THE ULTIMATE FMJ BULLET. Speer uses Uni-Cor technology to take full metal jacket bullets to their highest level. Completely encase the lead core in a seamless jacket. Other FMJ bullets have lead exposed at the base, or have an accuracy-robbing second piece to cover the lead. Those bases can deform under pressure. Airborne lead goes down, and TMJs won’t foul ported recoil compensators like open-base bullets do. Each bullet is swaged twice, ensuring consistent diameters and a uniform heel. TMJ bullets are great for casual practice and plinking because, in addition to being super-accurate, they are economical.

100 bullets per box unless noted.

9mm (.355") 115gr TMJ RN | Speer

Speer Bullet Legend
BT = Boat tail
DC = Deep Curl Hunting
FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
FN = Flat Nose
FP = Flat Point
GD = Gold Dot Personal Protection
GS = Grand Slam
HC = Hot Core Hunting
HP = Hollow Point
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point
JSP = Jacketed Soft Point
RN = Round Nose
SB = Short Barrel
SP = Soft Point
SWC = Semi-Wad Cutter
TMJ = Totally-Encased Metal Jacket
TNT = Hollow Point Varmint
UCHP = UniCor Hollow Point
V = Varmint Hunting
WC = Wad Cutter
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