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Case Trimmer Original Kit - Forster

Case Trimmer Original Kit - Forster
FORSTER - Original Case Trimmer Kit
Forster offers a premium line of case trimmers. These units will trim from .17 caliber to .45 caliber. Accuracy is Forsterís main concern. The unit uses a Brown & Sharpe type collet to hold the case. This insures uniform case lengths even when there is a variation in the rim diameter. Versatility is the other unique feature of this trimmer. Forster offers six different case conditioning accessories unique to this unit. You can inside ream, outside neck turn, deburr, hollow point bullets, clean primer pockets and chamfer military primer pockets. They offer case trimmer kit with three of the most popular collets and six of the most popular pilots. The case trimmer base is available in short, standard and long lengths.

Original Case Trimmer Kit includes: 6 pilots - .22", .24", .25", .27", .28", .30" and 3 collets - #1, #2, #3.

For available collets and pilots, see Reference Section for Forster Case Trimmers [PDF] (see page 72).
Part # 11-CTK100
Weight 1.64 lbs
List price (market price): $144.00
Price : $98.40