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Bullet Moulds / Limited-Production - Round Ball

Bullet Moulds / Limited-Production - Round Ball
RCBS Limited-Production Round Ball Bullet Moulds are constructed of the best quality iron. The blocks are ground to achieve an exact tolerance. The locating pins are case hardened to limit wear and to provide permanent alignment for the bullet cavities. Bullet cavities are machined to form a perfect match. The Sprue cutter is a solid steel plate that has been machined to hold firmly against the mould block with an adjustable wave washer. RCBS and Lyman 2 cavity handles will normally fit RCBS moulds. Bullet mould handles not included. HDS does not stock the Limited-Production round ball moulds, 30-90 day turn around from RCBS.

.330 330-R
.350 350-R
.354 354-R
.375 375-R
.395 395-R
.410 410-R
.454 454-R
.464 464-R
.495 495-R
.520 520-R
.562 560-R
.610 610-R
.678 678-R

Most are Double Cavity design except where noted.
+ Single Cavity Mould

See Reference Section for Bullet Mould description [PDF] (see HDS Catalog page 86)

If the mould is not listed below, consult the Standard Round Ball Mould section.

California Prop. 65 Warning: Melting lead and casting lead objects (with these products) will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm, and cancer.
Part # 10-57928
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price : $126.95
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