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Cowboy Shotshell Die Set - 12 gauge

Cowboy Shotshell Die Set - 12 gauge
RCBS has introduced the 12 Gauge Shotshell Die Set. Everything is included to size and deprime brass cartridge cases. Itís functional and inexpensive and works only with brass cases - used with Cowboy Action Shooting CAS competition. the die body is made from aluminum alloy this set is designed to be used in any RCBS single stage press with a removable die bushing (1-1/4"-12 die body).

Lube, resize and deprime your fired brass in the die. Use your shotshell press to fill the brass case with powder, seat the wad / spacers and dispense your shot charge. You then remove the sizing ring and decapping assembly from your RCBS die and install the finish crimp by running the charged case into the die. The last operation will create the necessary roll crimp of the case mouth, securing your over-shot card above the shot charge. This die is both inexpensive and effective. The twelve-gauge shell holder is included. The die comes with the RCBS lifetime warranty.

Part # 10-99060
Weight 1.35 lbs
Price : $89.29