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APS Priming Strips - empty* | RCBS

APS Priming Strips - empty* | RCBS
Who hasnít dumped a load of primers onto a tray only to have half the box scatter all over the floor? Trying to figure out if those primers left in the tube were standard or magnum can also be a
headache. Now you can eliminate those priming headaches.

Each strip is color-coded for easy identification and holds up to 25 primers. The primer
strips are even designed to connect to each other for continuous feed. Now, thereís no need to handle loose primers or worry about contamination.

These strips are color-coded for fool-proof identification. Each strip holds 25 primers, 8 strips per pack. Strips can be loaded with the primer of your choice using the APS Strip Loader. For use exclusively with the RCBS APS priming system and tools. *Primers not included.

#500 Small Pistol (white)
#300 Large Pistol (white)
#550 Small Pistol Magnum (red)
#350 Large Pistol Magnum (red)
#400 Small Rifle (yellow)
#200 Large Rifle (yellow)
#450 Small Rifle Magnum (blue)
#250 Large Rifle Magnum (blue)
#BR4 Small Rifle Benchrest (black)
#BR2 Large Rifle Benchrest (black)
#41 Small 5.56mm Military (orange)
#34 Large 7.62mm Military (orange)
Part # 10-88513
Weight 0.50 lbs
Price : $6.98
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