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Trim Pro 3-Way Cutter

Trim Pro 3-Way Cutter
This is automated case preparation at its finest. The RCBS 3-Way Cutter is one of those accessories you canít live without. Its unique three blade head configuration trims cases like the RCBS standard cutting tool, but in addition to trimming to length, inside blades chamfer the case while an outside blade deburrs it. The 3-Way cutter attaches easily to Rotary Case Trimmers, Trim Pro & and Trim Pro-2. Note: This is not a neck turning device.

Available in 12 popular calibers. Order individual 3-Way Pilots separately.
.17 caliber
.20 caliber
.22 caliber
6mm / 243 caliber
.25 caliber
6.5mm caliber
270 caliber / 6.8mm
7mm caliber
.30 caliber
.32 caliber
.338 caliber
.375 caliber
Part # 10-90276
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price : $68.98
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