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Outside Neck Turner - Forster

Outside Neck Turner - Forster
FORSTER - Outside Neck Turner
The Forster Outside Neck Turner will turn your case neck concentric to its true axis. It is superior to any hand held turner that is centered by only the pilot. This unit produces neck walls of uniform thickness and exact outside neck diameters. The unit consists of a cutter head which carries an adjustable circular carbide cutter. The tool will turn any diameter between .17 and .375.

The short pilot used in case trimming is replaced by an extra long, hardened and ground pilot (available separately). As the wall of the neck passes progressively between the pilot and the cutter, the neck wall thickness is reduced to a uniform thickness. You can control the rate of feed by rotating the feeder cam and a mechanical stop controls the length of the cut. To change calibers, just change pilot and make the cutter adjustments. Remember that cases to be neck turned must first have the neck resized and expanded.

NOTE: *.17 caliber requires special length carbide cutter and a .17 caliber case turner collet shaft (available separately). The Forster Outside Neck Turner is designed to be used after the neck has been resized and expanded. Cases longer than 2.80" require a long case trimmer base. For use with Forster Original and Power Case Trimmers.
Part # 11-OT1010
Weight 0.32 lbs
List price (market price): $47.25
Price : $35.00