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Precision Mics

Precision Mics
Here is one of the most innovative products in recent years from RCBS. This is designed for the handloader who is seeking the best possible performance from their rifle. This unit provides a micrometer reading of your chamber dimension and bullet seating depth. Using a fired case from the rifle gives the precise measurement of the chamberís head and shoulder dimension compared to the SAMMI recommendation. Knowing this dimension, you can then accurately set your sizing die to best-fit a cartridge to your chamber. This gives you the best performance possible and results in longer brass life and safer loads. The micrometer function on the gauge is also applied to setting the bullet seating depth. The gauge reads off the lands of the barrel, so the setting does not change with different bullet shapes.

Available in 33 cartridge designs.

204 Ruger
220 Swift
222 Rem.
223 Rem.
223 WSSM
243 Win.
243 WSSM
6mm Rem.
257 Roberts
6.5x55 S/M
270 WSM
270 Win.
280 Rem.
7mm WSM
7mm Rem. Mag
7mm Rem. Ultra
7mm Rem. SAUM
30-06 Sprg.
300 WSM
300 Rem. SAUM
300 Win. Mag
300 Rem. Ultra Mag
308 Win.
325 WSM
338 Win. Mag
338 Rem. Ultra Mag
375 H&H Mag
375 Rem. Ultra Mag
Part # 10-88299
Weight 0.80 lbs
List price (market price): $67.95
Price : $57.91
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