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Cowboy / roll crimp, 3-die set | RCBS

Cowboy / roll crimp, 3-die set | RCBS
CAS dies are built to slightly different dimensions than regular RCBS dies. They allow optimum sizing, expanding, seating and crimping needed to load great lead-bullet ammo.
In keeping with the spirit of the game, CAS dies even look different. Instead of the satin steel finish, CAS dies get an induction heat treatment that imparts a “Case-hardened” look. Handsome brass lock rings complete the picture, and even the packaging reflects the CAS theme. CAS moulds produce bullets that are profiled to give smooth feeding. They follow the designs from a century ago. Beveled crimping grooves set the proper cartridge length, and generous lube grooves hold enough lubricant even for black powder loads.

See Reference Section for Cowboy Shooting Dies [PDF] (see HDS Catalog page 79)

32-20 WCF
38 S&W
38-40 WCF
38-55 WCF
40-65 WCF (.410)
44-40 WCF
Part # 10-18151
Weight 1.50 lbs
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Price : $64.32
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