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416 Rigby | Hornady

416 Rigby | Hornady
Hornady brass cartridge rifle cases for the discriminating handloader wanting high reloadability. Cases are the same quality brass as used in Hornady ammunition. Unprimed brass only - this is not ammunition.

416 Rigby (20 per pack).

The .416 Rigby or 10.6x74mm was designed in 1911 by John Rigby & Company of London, England as a dangerous game cartridge and is the first one to use a bullet with a diameter of .416". The rifles, as built by John Rigby & Co., were initially made up on Original Magnum Mauser actions although in later years, some were made on standard length actions, a perfect example being the rifle used by legendary professional hunter Harry Selby.[2] Other famous users of the cartridge were Commander David Enderby Blunt, John Taylor and Jack O'Connor.
Part # 16-8687
Weight 0.90 lbs
Price : $44.98