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375 Ruger

375 Ruger
Hornady brass cartridge rifle cases for the discriminating handloader wanting high reloadability. Cases are the same quality brass as used in Hornady ammunition. Unprimed brass only - this is not ammunition.

(Avalilable in 50 per pack, unless noted).

The .375 Ruger (9.5 x 65.5mm) is a rimless, standard-length rifle cartridge designed for the hunting of large dangerous game. It is designed to provide an increase in performance over the .375 H&H cartridge, yet to be chambered in a standard length action rifle. The cartridge was designed by Hornady and Ruger in partnership and released commercially in 2007 and chambered in the Ruger Hawkeye African and the Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan rifles.
Part # 16-8673
Price : $50.98