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308 Marlin Express | Hornady

308 Marlin Express | Hornady
Hornady brass cartridge rifle cases for the discriminating handloader wanting high reloadability. Cases are the same quality brass as used in Hornady ammunition. Unprimed brass only - this is not ammunition.

308 Marlin Express (Avalilable in 50 per pack, unless noted).

The .308 Marlin Express is a cartridge developed by Marlin Firearms and Hornady. It is based on the .307 Winchester with a goal to duplicate .308 Winchester performance. The cartridge uses a slightly shorter, rimmed case to function in lever action rifles. As introduced in Hornady's LEVERevolution line of cartridges, it is the highest velocity production cartridge designed for lever action rifles with tubular magazines. It is chambered in Marlin's Model 308MX and 308MXLR rifles using the Marlin Model 336 action.
Part # 16-8662
Weight 1.50 lbs
Price : $42.98