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Ballistic Tip Hunting

Long-range performance, controlled expansion - easier loading

The hunting Ballistic Tip bullet (BTH) is an excellent choice for thin-skinned game such as antelope, deer and sheep. The combination of performance and consistency coupled with versatility that Nosler has built into the Ballistic Tip bullets has resulted in over 25 years of successful hunts for sportsman across the country and worldwide.

The tip is made from polymer and is color coded by caliber. It is designed to resist deformation in the magazine and initiate expansion upon impact. The fully tapered jacket allows for a controlled expansion. The lead alloy core adds to the terminal performance as it is dispersed into the target. The net result is 50-60% weight retention and full terminal performance.

The Nosler Ballistic Tip are the heavy jacketed base that acts as a platform for a large diameter mushroom coupled with the Nosler Solid Base. The Solid Base allows the bullet to withstand ultra velocities while the boat tail design combined with the polymer tip allows for long range accuracy and easier loading for the hand loader.

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