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E-Tip 'Lead-Free'

Dual Expansion Chamber with Uniform Expansion & 95% Weight Retention

Introduced in 2008, the Nosler E-Tip (ET) bullet was designed and developed out of necessity, as more and more state agencies and local ranges imposed “no-lead” restrictions on hunters and shooters. While necessity forced Nosler to release it, the Nosler E-Tip is pure copper bullets giving a 95%+ weight retaining bullet.

The OD Green polymer tip initiates expansion. Behind the tip is the E2 Cavity that is unique of only Nosler’s E-Tip. The E2 Cavity is the Energy Expansion Cavity that provides a dual expansion chamber for amazing stopping power and uniform expansion.

The solid copper alloy construction meets the 'lead free' requirements while delivering peerless penetration over a broad spectrum of impact velocities. The tensile strength of the bullet is raised from the 210 alloy which in-turn doesn’t require Nosler to use needless grooves that cut into the bullet and disrupt bearing surface. Nosler E-Tip bullets will not blow the petals off at extreme velocities nor will the low end expansion at minimum impact velocity is set at 1800 fps for standard calibers.

The boat tail design is precisely formed and provides an efficient flight profile for long-range performance and easier loading.

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