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APS Priming System

Who hasn't dumped a load of primers onto a tray only to have half the box scatter all over the floor? Then trying to figure out if those primers left in the tube were standard or magnum can also be a headache. Those days are finally over RCBS' new APS priming system will revolutionize the way you prime. It's fast and simple. With APS, the best part is you'll never touch another primer again.

Just peel off a pre-loaded flexible primer strip, feed it into either a bench or press-mounted APS tool and your ready for uninterrupted, effortless priming. The strips are color coded so you can tell the difference between magnum, standard, pistol, or rifle primers at a glance.

There are no loose primers to count or keep track of, you can stop or start whenever you want. Operation of the priming tool is also simple-each handle stroke indexes a new primer as the one before is seated into the case. No priming tool has a better feel for primer seating than APS. With APS, RCBS didn't just create an new priming tool, they've revolutionized the way you prime.

* Strips automatically feed and can be interlocked for uninterrupted priming from 1 case to 1,000 or more
* RCBS standard shell holders slide right in place
* The adjustable stop allows you to set your own seating depth


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APS Primer Strip Loader
APS Priming Strips - empty* | RCBS
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