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Trim Dies

RCBS offers a complete line of conventional trim dies. These dies are a sure way of checking and adjusting case length. You lube the case and insert it into the die. Trim off anything that protrudes from the top of the die either by filing the case down flush with the top of the die, or cutting the excess off with a hacksaw and filing the case down. Don't worry about ruining the top of the die, it is heat treated and can withstand a file's surface. A suggestion: The ideal file to use is a mill bastard. The best hacksaw blade to use is one that has 32 teeth per inch.

After trimming the case you deburr it with a Deburring Tool and full length resize the case and load. Trim dies are available in many cartridges. The most popular are listed here, every die not listed is available and priced by die group.

Note: RCBS Trim Dies are available in most cartridges and RCBS will no longer be making Trim Dies for new calibers. Prices vary with their demand. If you cannot find the Trim Die you want in the list, please call or write. We will quote you on cost and delivery. Our number is (530) 534-1210.
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